Pickled pig knuckles and a beer

Weekend eats. Drank plenty of Colt45 in the past but never together with pickled pig parts from the gallon sized jar that used to be found on the counter of most NewYork bodegas, though not so much anymore. My pickled pig knuckles came off the supermarket shelf. From my first and only mouthful of knuckles […]

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Barbecued Rib Tips

My simple way to cook pork ribs, in this case rib tips! No barbecue grill needed!  I bought the ribs from my local Asian market here in Brooklyn. It was a long narrow strip so I had the butcher chop them into smaller pieces. Once I got them home I washed and trimmed away some […]

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Back To Those School Lunches

Recently during an impromptu backyard barbecue the subject of school lunches came up.  We talked about the the kids going back to school and what they will be eating for lunch from the school cafeteria, which then prompted us to talk about the cafeteria food we loved eating as kids.  I have my own memories of school lunches growing […]

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What Do You Like To Cook?

I spent this past Saturday at a farmers market not far from where I live here in Brooklyn, NY.  I wanted to  know how people were going to cook the food they were buying from the market that day.  Listen to some of the ways they describe their cooking. In some cases I also asked them about the food they […]

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My food photography.  It is an illustrated look at the food we love to eat.  The photographs are about the shapes, colors texture and design that is our food.

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Food Waste

So many times I have done my food shopping with the intent of eating healthy and to not waste any of the food I’ve worked hard to buy.  Read more…

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Black Radish Chips

I did a post some time ago about black radishes.  Back then it was just a slight mention about them to go with my photographs.   After reading several ways to cook them I decided to keep it simple and make radish chips.  Read more…

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Fake Food-Audio

At times when I see fake prop food, I wonder if I could visually accept that as real, usually it’s no.  In this case I would say these food props were pretty good.  Read More & Listen To Audio

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