Pickled pig knuckles and a beer

Weekend eats. Drank plenty of Colt45 in the past but never together with pickled pig parts from the gallon sized jar that used to be found on the counter of most NewYork bodegas, though not so much anymore. My pickled pig knuckles came off the supermarket shelf. From my first and only mouthful of knuckles my whole face puckered from the vinegar brine that had totally infused the fatty meat. Right away it was not my taste, even the cold beer had to work to get noticed by my taste buds after that. Speaking with my southern in-laws about pickled pork they talk about it with so much love. Back in the day it was a cheep bar snack that was useful to the stomach for a night of heavy drinking much like Jamaica’s mannish water/goat head soup. This is not a delicacy only found in the south, it exists all around the world made with just about every part of the pig with any combination of spices and vinegar. If you see pickled pig parts in a bodega give it a try because it’s part of a vanishing New York.

Black Radish Chips

I did a post some time ago about black radishes.  Back then it was just a slight mention to go with my photographs.  After reading several ways to cook them I decided to keep it simple and make radish chips.  Everything about this root is strong.  The aroma of it baking at 400  degrees was definitely earthy in a bad cabbage kind of way.  Out of the oven and cooled it was still soft and bendable and fairly chewy to eat.  Not what I wanted.  So this time from a suggestion I decided to deep fry them.                                                                                                           The results shown below were much better this time.  The smell for one was not as intense as the first attempt.  Eating it you could taste the radish’s slight spicy bite come through, to me it doesn’t scratch your throat like red radishes can.  If I made this again I would slice the radishes even thinner for them to be crisper, they were still a little  tough and chewy to eat as chips, it was more like jerky not what I expected.