Food Waste

So many times I have done my food shopping with the intent of eating healthy and to not waste any of the food I’ve worked hard to buy.  Read more…

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Black Radish Chips

I did a post some time ago about black radishes.  Back then it was just a slight mention about them to go with my photographs.   After reading several ways to cook them I decided to keep it simple and make radish chips.  Read more…

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Fake Food-Audio

At times when I see fake prop food, I wonder if I could visually accept that as real, usually it’s no.  In this case I would say these food props were pretty good.  Read More & Listen To Audio

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Mannish Water

Mannish water is a  goat head soup popular in Jamaica.  It is a favorite party soup to serve at weddings, the funeral after party and gatherings where there is some drinking taking place. Read more…

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