China towns Kamboat Bakery & Cafe

I Stoped by China towns Kamboat Bakery & Cafe on the Bowery in NYC. It was my second visit to this Chinese bakery. From the outside you see the sun faded prop cakes that are on display in the window. Up against the window I could see inside, the place was filled with seniors sitting at tables and many more selecting food from the cases of food that lined the wall. Although they also sell hot food I didn’t explore that menu, instead I concentrated on their variety of baked goods.



Available is a selection of sweet and savory items to choose from. The price of the items in front of me ranged from a dollar to two dollars enticing me to try everything, which I did resist.  As I made my selections they were individually bagged and placed on my orange plastic tray by a young lady assigned to assist me with my selections.  She was armed with a pair of long silver tongs. The servers move you along at a quick pace as you make your choices.  If there is any hesitation in making a choice an item will be quickly pointed out and suggested, so you had better think quick. During the time I was there people were elbow to elbow waiting to be served in the intimate space. This is what I bought, a fish sandwich for two dollars, so far my favorite, a coconut tart, egg custard tart, pork jerky rainbow roll, sesame roll, Napoleon taro bun, black pepper chicken Danish, curry chicken Danish, sausage roll, and a chicken pie. What I particularly like is that sweet or savory the items are made with either flakey, puffed or a firm dough.  I’m not going to say this is the healthiest food you can eat but it was a fun experience in food tasting at a very good price. Check them out for yourself at 111 Bowery, NYC.



Fake Food-Audio

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At times when I see fake prop food, I wonder if I could visually accept that as real, usually it’s no.  In this case I would say these food props were pretty good.  Read More & Listen To Audio