Saw These Blue Crabs…

9 megs_blue crabs

While in a produce store on Flatbush Avenue, Brooklyn.  These blue crabs caught my attention      because of the way they all looked at the bottom of a large deep plastic container.  Their shells were blue, seen that, but I had never seen rounded shells before.  Under the store’s florissant light they looked like little sci-fi creatures.  The raw color and texture of our food and the journeys it has to take on it’s way to our tables makes interesting photos.

Collard Greens

Collard greens

Collard greens wasn’t on the roster of greens I grew up eating.  I came to love them while living in New York and going to art school.  It wasn’t from the occasional side of collard greens in a dinner box that I gained my insight from.  Read more…

Spice Box-Video

Common in many Indian homes is the Masala Dabba (Spice Box) These spice boxes would contain the core spices favored by the families particular taste. The spices preferred  are often influenced by the region of  the country where you live.  My friend Amla shows us what spices she has in her Masala Dabba.