Mannish Water

Mannish water is a  goat head soup popular in Jamaica.  It is a favorite party soup to serve at weddings, the funeral after party and gatherings where there is some drinking taking place.
Some say it straightens you out for the drive home after the drinks.  Some men believe the soup gives them extra stamina in the bedroom.  Since I don’t kiss and tell, you will have to try this soup for yourself.  Dispite what you want to believe about the soup, making it took close to 3 hours in total.  Most of that time was to boil the choped up goat head until the meat was tender.  The last thirty minutes is for the various vegetables to cook.  Other parts of the goat like the hoofs can also be used.  Since I have never had this soup before and with nothing to compare it to, I can only say I liked it.  The goat was tender with a soft slightly gummy texture.  The flavor of the meat came through in the broth, over flavoring with spices would defeat the true flavor of the soup.  My next move is to have (Mannish water) made by an expert so I can tell how well I really did with mine.  Here is a links about this soup.  This is the recipe that I used.

ALB_8789 bowl soup goat

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