Grilled Scallions

Grilled scallions copyLarge scallions lightly oiled and grilled in the oven for five minutes or so until the desired color, not too close to flame to avoid burning and keep your eye on it.
This works as a rustic side dish or garnish.  Of course we have been informed and warned about the perils of too much salt in our diet. For some people cutting back on their salt intake is easier said than done.  The food we grew up eating is a part of our culture and identity, which stays with us all of our lives. Even with access to foods from all over the world we long for the tastes we know so well and all the memories and emotions they bring back.

This photo was lit with  daylight coming through the window which made the coarse sea salt on the scallions stand out. After the initial shots were done with just a sprinkle of salt I continued adding more salt to the scallions until I got this picture, that’s when I thought that’s a lot of salt there who, would eat that? Over time I have seen more than a few people add enough salt to the food on their plate to rival this picture. For a narrative to this salty picture I visited the C.D.C.  Center For Disease Control, website to find out what their recommended daily salt intake should be and it’s effect on our bodies.

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