Fake Food

At times when I see fake prop food, I wonder if I could visually accept that as real, usually it’s no.  In this case I would say these food props were not bad.  This is an encounter about the perfect stand-in to represent your food.  We were standing on Bayard st, in New York’s China Town,  looking through the window at what appeared to be plastic facsimiles of the desserts sold at the restaurant, Beautiful Memory Desserts.  A few moments later an energetic young lady came outside and told us about some of the deserts that were on display in the store window.  We interacted as if it we were looking at the real food.  Play the audio below and scroll down for pics.  Through her description I’m now aware of a style of desserts I hadn’t known about before.  Right now I have to take her word about how good it all tastes, I had no time to stop and eat that day, but i’ll go back and give them a try.

FullSizeRender diane  copy

IMG_0173 copy

IMG_0172 copy

IMG_0174 copy

IMG_9042 copy

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