Collard Greens

Collard greens

Collard greens wasn’t on the roster of greens I grew up eating.  I came to love them while living in New York and going to art school.  It wasn’t from the occasional side of collard greens in a dinner box that I gained my insight from.  No offense intended because there was some good greens in some of those boxes.  My real appreciation for the greens came from having dinner at the home of friends who still lived at home while they were still going to school.  Their mother or grandmother would still do the cooking for holiday gatherings.  During these gatherings at some point someone would talk about the greens.  The talk would talk about how the greens were made or what might have gone into getting them to the table.  Many years later on assignment I did have the chance to meet and photograph the great southern chef Edna Lewis and her protégé Scott Peacock.  The recipe below is not the usual way I’ve eaten collard greens, but it is one of the ways Edna prepared them.  Spicy collard greens.

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