3D Printing At Home

3d IMG_8404_1024Rummaging through your kitchen drawer looking for that particular cooking utensil might well become a thing of the past in the not-too-distant future.  The  3D food printer is looking for counter space in your kitchen.  Although 3D food printing technology is still in its infancy there are several companies who look at printing food as a viable scheme for the future.  Don’t worry, the thanksgiving turkey and that juicy steak is still safe as we know it for now.  Most of the success with these printers seem to be in making confectionary type items by piping out doughs or pastes to make various shapes and colors the same way your conventional inkjet printer works, except it does it in layers to achieve the 3D profile.  The printer can then either cook or cool the items for consumption or you might still have to pop it in the oven or refrigerator.  One of spins on these printers is that they can be precise in their ability to print to your specific designs.  Another even more interesting spin is that as the technology develops and more food groups are developed to work with these printers, we will be able to develop our own designer flavors and reproduce them exactly the same way every time.  This can also mean that people with certain food allergies can still have the flavor they want by excluding whatever it is in the food that causes their allergic reaction.  On the other hand nutritional components of various types theoretically can be infused into what you are making.  Just search 3D food printing online for more in-depth articles about this subject, Bon Appétit

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